• Production of high end fashion garments and accessories
  • sourcing and production in China
Lukou Sourcing

About us

Lukou Sourcing is a Danish Sourcing company established in 2007 primarily focusing on sourcing and production of high end fashion garments.

Lukou Sourcing will be our clients’ extended arm in China utilizing our broad network of suppliers to ensure that our clients can maintain quality control and at all times have clear communication channels and visibility of the production processes.

Key objectives

Lukou Sourcing’s key objectives are:
High quality
friendly and
honest service
turnaround of
sample and bulk
Up to date
design proposals

Our key objective is to ensure our valued clients can stay ahead in the global fashion industry both in terms of design, quality and price.

Lukou sourcing


Lukou Sourcing offers our clients trendy and affordable garment designs along with personal hands on quality control in the entire sourcing and production process from fabric and product sourcing to final delivery of bulk production.

Subject to our clients’ demands then we can create a tailor fitted solution within all services ranging from design, fabric/product sourcing, quality control, shipping and delivery of bulk production of garments.

Lukou Sourcing can offer our clients large flexibility in terms of both production leadtime and production quantities, thereby ensuring they can meet the fast changing fashion market with quick deliveries and small quantities.

Kindly contact Anne Charlotte Lembye at ac@lukou-sourcing.com
to hear more about our service scope

Lukou Sourcing


Lukou Sourcing has very high ethics and requirements towards our in suppliers in terms on CSR and we personally check all factories on an ongoing basis to ensure the workers are provided with acceptable working and living conditions.

Lukou Sourcing will under no circumstances corporate with Chinese suppliers who do not meet the Chinese CSR standard (CSR 9000) and our clients can therefore feel secure that their garments and accessories are produced in accordance with their corporate social responsibility requirements.

Lukou sourcing does in addition work with factories, which have passed the BSCI audits.

Lukou Sourcing


Our current clients are trendy and market leading fashion brands in Denmark and Europe.

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